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Macon's 1927 Villa Albicini Designed After An Italian Chapel Lists For $1,500,000! Look Inside!

Known locally as the 'Villa Albicini', this remarkable, pavilion-sized villa was designed and built by famed architect Philip Trammell Schutze in 1927 and is a beacon of classical architecture and Italian Baroque tradition. Commissioned by Macon's Horgan family, this stunning home was designed after a chapel in Cuzzano, Italy, and has been featured in nine publications on classical architecture. An exotic 'architect's folly', the home is an example of 'opulence on a modest scale' (Henry Hope Reed) with its mere three bedrooms and their respective adjoining full baths. . Full of luxurious features, the light-filled morning room includes a Sienna marble fireplace mantle and hand-painted chinoiserie wallpaper that was made exclusively for the English market. The formal dining room is adorned with a beautiful Venetian glass chandelier, which was made for the house, and features a fireplace mantle designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe and hand-carved of white marble in Rome. You may find other examples of Latrobe's work featured in the White House in Washington, DC. The butler's pantry adjoining the kitchen and dining room is filled with glass paned built-in cabinetry and speaks to us of the elegance and formality of days gone by. Trompe l'oeil-painted overdoor moldings grace the entrances to the formal dining room and the drawing room. This home has previously not been publicly marketed. For more information on this rare and refined property, please, contact the listing agent.

Listed by:

Kelly Wood,


Property Information:

150 Tucker Rd, Macon, GA 31210

$1,500,000, 3 beds, 3 baths, 3,420sqft


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This is absolutely breathtaking. It needs some exterior and interior work but the Italian Baroque style is elegant and magnificent. Dying to see more buildings like this😍


The exterior needs serious renovation. The interior is nothing to write home about. I don't much care for this one. Can't see where the price tag is justified.

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